I think everyone knows Finland being a country with two official languages. And the other language is not English. We also have the third language but it's not either English. You all know there are people living in Lappland called Lappland people and if you want to work there as a teacher, you really have to be able to speak their language.

When I was a small boy in age of 11 years at secondary school, we began to study Swedish, not English. We started to study English later, but we all thought it's important to speak and to understand Swedish. I can't remember if anyone said it's difficult. Of course there excist such persons who face difficulties with foreign languages, but if Iam able to remember now, most of my friends had such an opinion that English is more difficult than Swedish. Nowadays many pupils at school, also the ones studying at High School, are saying that Swedish is so difficult that they don't want to study it. But it can't be so. If you read a book in English, you'll pay attention very soon that English has so many exeptions and synonyms, that because of this, you can't understand everything if you really don't have a very good vocabulary. It's about 15 years ago, when I started to read Harry Potter-books in English, because I didn't want to wait for Finnish translations. I think, Kerttu studied at High School during that time and because of that, I bought a Swedish Potter to her. I don't remember if she read it, but I did and I was very surprised for the fact that it really was easier to read the story in Swedish than in English. I was surprised because I'm not speaking Swedish often. You must pay attention to a fact Iam nearly 61 years old and I haven't studied Swedish after High School. Every now and then I have spoken Swedish and always when travelling in Sweden or on the western coast of Finland. Couple of times I have said for example in Sweden that I don't speak English and then they have been forced to speak Swedish with me. 

Why couldn't we just leave Swedish totally? Well, Swedish is continually our second official language and that's why all officials should both understand and speak it. I read from Helsingin Sanomat that nowadays there are many students even at the universities and colleges, who can't speak Swedish well enough.  There are many students who have done everything for their master's degree, but they can't receive their certificate, because they haven't passed Swedish exam. How easy it would have been to study Swedish diligently already at Secondary School and in this way to get enough good skills also in Swedish.

Iam happy for the fact that nowadays the puils begin to study Swedish already earlier than couple of years ago. I want that Swedish would return for all who are studying at the High School and they really should have Swedish also at the final exams.

If you don't understand what I have written, however it's your own fault, because Iam from Savo and as you know, we are always giving the responsibility to those who are listening us or reading what we have written.